Fun Facts Friday: Fashion

We heard you all asking loud and clear for a fashion themed Fun Facts Friday, so here it is!


Did You Know…

> The first known images of footwear are of boots. They were found painted on the walls of a 15,000 year old Spanish cave.

> Over two billion t-shirts are sold worldwide each year.

>  In the 1500s, fashion designers showed off their designs by making doll-size clothing versions of their own fashions.

The most expensive piece of jewellery ever made for a movie cost $1 million. It was worn by Nicole Kidman.

It’s been only in the last 200 years that kids have had their own clothes. They used to just wear a smaller size of adult clothing.

> A piece of clothing is considered vintage if it’s from the years 1920 to 1960. Anything made after that time period is called retro.

> False eyelashes were first invented for a movie when a producer wanted to enhance an actress’ eyes. They were made out of human hair!


13 comments til "Fun Facts Friday: Fashion"

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow i didn’t no that :P

    1. Clison says:

      Wow that is so cool!!! Girlit is it true that cow skin and bear skin was that famous fashion back in 1987??? Please reply back Love Clison<3<3<3

      1. girlitau says:

        Animal prints and furs were definitely popular in the 1980s. We only like them if they’re fake though!

        Lou xx
        GIRL:IT Editor

  2. Megan says:

    Woah! In what movie did Nicole wear it??
    Sooo interesting!!!

    1. girlitau says:

      Moulin Rouge :)

      Lou xx
      GIRL:IT Editor

  3. taylor softley :) says:

    WOW! i have always wanted fun facts friday : fashion hey ffff they all start with f

    my sister kaitlyn softley she is 18, turning 19 in may 17th
    she is going to europe today she is going to itlaly (rome),
    france (paris), venis england (london). im really going to miss her she is staying in europe for 1 month and 1 week she is coming home on the 16th of febuary saturday when we watched her her plane leave me and my mum were crying she is my closest sister out of the two. I LOVE KAITLYN!! <3
    :) :D :P

    1. girlitau says:

      Glad you liked it! That’s sweet about your sister. She will have a great time. Imagine all the stories and photos she’ll have for you when she gets home.

      Have a great weekend :D

      Lou xx
      GIRL:IT Editor

    2. girlitau says:

      Hi Taylor! That is very exciting for your sister, we’re sure she will miss you too. She is going to have amazing adventures in Europe – try not to get too jealous of her photos and stories when she’s back, you’ll be off exploring the world before you know it! In the meantime you have GIRL:IT books and member-zine to distract you whilst she’s gone :) Team GIRL:IT xx

  4. Bianca says:

    Awesome! Really interesting

  5. JennyM says:

    can we do something about 2012 Olympics?

  6. Kayla says:

    awesome im all about fashion

  7. monique says:

    it did not know!Have to go tell my friends:)

  8. Ella says:

    Wow I never new the first fake eye lashes were made from real hair


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